DEATH DROP | London, Criterion Theatre

This “Dragatha Christie murder-mystery” is pure trash, and we love every second of it. Set in 1991, Holly Stars’ script is packed with nostalgic British jokes about Viennetta and party triangles, as well as Charles and Diana.

The audience gasps as Jujubee enters, four-time RuPaul’s Drag Race finalist. Sadly, with some rushed dialogue and some awkward manoeuvring, Jujubee’s performance does not quite live up to expectations. Fortunately, the rest of the cast are more than up to the challenge: Anna Phylactic is utterly mesmerising as haute-coiffured editor Morgan Pierce.

Where this production really excels expectations is when things become metatheatrically genderqueer. At one point, Jujubee returns to play a moustachioed inspector, but his trenchcoat is bedecked with sparkles, and he’s wearing stilettos. At another, a murdered drag king (Georgia Frost) returns to play another, female character: a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman.

Songs by iconic British musical comedy duo Flo and Joan really enhance the production, including an outrageous opening number where Lady Von Fistenburg (Vinegar Strokes) warns the audience to expect murder most foul, and a fabulous number called “Oopsie Whoopsie” performed effortlessly by faded pop star Shazza (Kitty Scott-Claus). If it’s your sort of thing you’ve already bought a ticket; you’ll have a riot.

Jujubee will be playing Summer Raines until 10 April 2022.

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