DAVID HOYLE: DIAMOND | London, Soho Theatre

There is something deliciously unapologetic about David Hoyle. Deceptively simple, his latest performance piece, Diamond, packs an impressive punch through Hoyle’s magnetic pull. He takes his audience into the folds of his personal history, showing himself to be a man of contradictions, brimful of righteous anger and swelling humanity.

He may be sharp as a tack and full of whipcracking witticisms, but the most striking feature of David Hoyle’s stage persona is his generosity. The show is an offering of love and kindness, laced with the bitterness and anger that comes from living life as a discriminated minority. The legendary Blackpool-born anti-drag artist is abrasive and lovable at the same time. Human, in short. The show mirrors the spontaneity of real life, where speeds, genres and people collide in unexpected ways.

And so, the David Hoyle experience is unexpectedly homely. Hoyle isn’t afraid of interacting with the audience and even the technicians, straying off the scripted path. One audience member was gifted with a book after suggesting that ending the patriarchy might offer a solution to the problem of senseless discrimination.

The show is replete with projected slides, so-bad-it’s-good musical interludes and lively interactions with the audience. On an empty stage with only a small coffee table and a chair, Hoyle presents his authentic self. David Hoyle dances to the beat of his own drum, a rare feat that must be seen to be believed.

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