DAPHNE | London, Kings Place Festival

Phil Wang, Jason Forbes and George Fouracres are Daphne, and don’t they know it. We know it too, which is an excellent situation.

Having conquered the airwaves via their expensively proclaimed series, the question that hangs over the room in Kings Place is whether the sketch trio deliver on the same level in a live format. Fortunately, the buzz is to be believed — both in terms of their growing reputation as well as a luminous commitment to a recurring wasp sketch.

Fans of the improbably bank-rolled radio series will be heartened to know that the Allenbys are alive/dead and well while Jason Forbes’ sass is every bit as inveigling. Like Frasier and schizophrenic episodes? Brilliant. George Fouracres will sort you out. Oh, and they’ve got sketches to spare in the same way Phil Wang has cash monies to spill.

Funny is to Daphne as Ken Livingstone is to the Abrahamic faiths  — that is to say amusing to all and pertinent to a significant proportion.

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