CHRISTIAN SCOTT | London, Rich Mix

Christian Scott entered Rich Mix last night with the swagger and bravado of a man born to be on stage. Scott has been touring, trumpet in hand, since he was 13. And it shows. He and his band are looking to not just impress you, but blow you away with a combination of volume and virtuosity.

This is music to listen to while you knock back a 40 ounce beer, before smashing the bottle on the street and demanding another. At times this energy and vigor gets the better of them. This was stadium jazz confined to a small boutique venue. One that counts its audience by the hundreds rather than the thousands.

As a result, the eight member band occasionally overwhelmed the location. There was, frankly, too much talent on one stage. This was exemplified by the member-by-member introduction Scott gave his band, taking the time to make the audience aware of exactly what qualities each brought to the band, a process that took 10 minutes.

Christian Scott plays music to get down and dirty to. Jazz, certainly, but jazz that annoys the neighbours. But, with one eye on putting on a show worthy of more cavernous venues it was often more bull in a paint shop than priceless Jackson Pollock painting.

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