CHRIS DAVE & THE DRUMHEDZ | Love Supreme Festival

Technical difficulties might have curbed Chris Dave at the Drumhedz’ enjoyment of their final tour date, but this didn’t stifle their reception at Love Supreme 2018.  Dave’s fingerprints feature on just about every hit record of the last ten years (think D’Angelo to Adele, Robert Glasper to Ed Sheeran, and everything in between) and so opportunity to bring his own quartet to the rolling greenery of Glynde’s three-day jazz indulgence felt both overdue and richly deserved.

The groups’ self-titled 2018 LP is a clutter of guest performances, but there was a welcome economy to a smaller ensemble at this festival show.  Dave’s origins are in jazz and hip-hop and, whilst this might account for the variety of styles the set showcased, it offers no explanation as to his lightning capacity to switch between them: in 45 minutes we travelled from the gritty to the astral.

Chris Dave’s t-shirt referenced Bruno Mars’ super-hit Drippin’ in Finesse.  Finesse a-plenty, but in the baking temperatures of the Big Top’s 30 degree plus heat, it was Dave’s goatee that was drippin’ in sweat with metronomic regularity.  When transitioning between tracks there was a sense that the weekend’s stifling temperatures were about to be broken with a torrential downpour, but it wasn’t rumbling thunder crossing the horizon that we could hear but instead the disorientating and dizzying pace of Dave’s foot pedal thundering against the bass drum.  Flanked by a pair of coiled serpentine cymbals that jangled with every thrash they received, Dave’s face was one of determination.  Weather and technicals aside, the grooves were indefatigable and irresistible.

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