BLUEBERRY TOAST | London, Soho Theatre

For this delicious slice of surreal suburbia, playwright Mary Laws has managed to create something all at once mundane and shocking, as only the outskirts of the American Dream can deliver.

It’s Sunday morning in the neighbourhood: Walt (Gareth David-Lloyd) and Barb (Gala Gordon) are tearing each other to pieces across a plush kitchen unit. Walt is stuck in the past, accentuated by his lack of foresight in getting into ‘Iraqi oil’. Meanwhile, Barb is succumbing to madness, spurred by an addiction to passive aggression directed at Walt (the word ‘dear’ appears somewhere near five thousand times).

But it’s the kids, Jack (Matt Barkley) and Jill (Adrianna Bertola), that hold the inevitable conclusion at bay, with terrific performances chronicling their loss of innocence as they take in adult life. The play’s four cutesy acts come complete with bizarre song and dance interludes (Stuart Rogers) resembling something from Dario Argento’s Suspiria.

There are still the cobwebs of a college play hanging from the rafters of Blueberry Toast. However, there are enough moments of true inspiration and creative tension to keep us engaged throughout. And the ending is truly something to behold: for a play about blueberries, there is certainly no shortage of cranberry juice on stage by the curtain call.

— Henry Heffer

Grab a slice at the Soho Theatre until 30 June 2018.

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