Presenting its 15th edition this Fall, this huge exhibition of international art is held in Hong Kong during the two most important seasons for buying art, in the spring, during Hong Kong Arts Month, and in the autumn, during art auction season. Occupying three floors of the Conrad Hotel, with 1,500 paintings, sculptures, photography, and mixed media, visitors are welcomed into little bedrooms and suites transformed into mini commercial art galleries, where even the bathrooms are covered in art. All visitors get free drinks, and you can easily spend three hours leisurely browsing.

A lot of the work is Hong Kong specific, potentially aimed at the hotel and business market. Eddie Botha takes a playful, joyous look at the protests, in cartoony line drawings over splashes of background colour. Laura Jordan’s hyper-detailed, collage-like approach to depicting Hong Kong and other sprawling cities is well worth a look, as is Jeff Murray’s giant, treasure-map style depictions.

But there’s so much more to see. Katherine Filice’s graceful etchings of human figures presented as bundles of string is very arresting. Roger Dean’s iconic album art for Yes and other bands is on show. There’s a nice variety of Chinese and Asian influenced art too, including Guo Xi’s dolled up puffer fish.

In addition to the charming, intimate displays of art in individual bedrooms, another major draw is the chance to meet the artists and gallery owners, who are all so friendly and passionate about their art and the show itself. Buyers get an unrivalled inside view into the artist’s personal experience, and non-buyers also have their visit hugely enhanced.

Tickets (270 HKD per person) include two complimentary drinks, plus multiple access all day 5 — 7 October 2019.

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