ART OF BELIEVING | Edinburgh Fringe 2021

To see a flamenco show at the Edinburgh Fringe might seem a “fringe” thing to do – but isn’t this what the festival is all about? Squeezing the world’s creativity across theatre, music, dance, art and literature into a single city, for one month a year?

Art of Believing by the Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company embodies this ethos to perfection. The show starts with a guitar solo (a farruca), played by Martinez himself. In a second, he owns the room. We are sitting next to a huge glass window, in a busy afternoon Novotel music lounge, but we don’t notice the cars and pedestrians passing by; it’s a totally absorbing experience.

Then, in come the singers (the phenomenal Danielo Olivera and Imma Montero), and the dancer (Gabriela Pouso, also Martinez’s wife). The evening becomes a journey into the infinite rhythms and influences of flamenco, from Galicia to Andalusia, to Latin America, peaking with a wonderful, melody-based tango.

Flamenco, as Martinez explains, is a conversation on stage, and the dynamic interaction between singers, guitarist and dancer during the show is just mesmerising. A cosmopolitan, urbanised version of flamenco, Art of Believing is electrifying and brimming with passion.

The Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company plays at Novotel, The Tap, 6 – 29 August 2021.

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