Boasting over a hundred galleries from across the globe, Hong Kong’s largest art show returns for 2021, attracting buyers and gawpers of all ages. Starting with Ora Ora‘s crowdpleasing offerings might be a good option, especially Zhang Yanzi’s politically graffitied Mask Series (2020).

Visitors wanting to check off the “big names” should check out Damien Hirst’s Martyr (2019) at Gagosian, and Anish Kapoor’s Moon Twist (2016) at kamel mennour. There are two (!) showcases of David Shrigley, at both Yumiko Chiba and Stephen Friedman, including a new commission and Art Basel exclusive, available for purchase.

Grotto is well worth a visit, showcasing Tam Tak-hei’s stunning architectural, wearable miniatures (2021), and Xie Chengxuan’s giant, morose canvas of Fishermen (2021), their straw hats somehow transfigured into Byzantine halos. Lee Bovey’s huge, intricate papercutting To Return (2021) is also well worth studying.

The scope of the show from ancient to modern is quite startling: head to Fine Art Asia‘s Traverse: Once Modern for an immersive exhibition of stunning Asian antiques in a highly accessible, domestic setting, and admire ancient Japanese basketry. Or, head to Vitamin to read Pak Sheung Chuen’s typed instructions (2007, 2013) for a “painting contractor” to paint coloured geometric shapes directly onto the wall of the exhibition. What every gallery shares is the spirit of collaboration, and a real passion for their art.

Showing 21 – 23 May 2021 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai.

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