AQUAMARINE《湖水藍》| Hong Kong, Shouson Theatre

“I have never felt comfortable revealing myself,” frustrated non-writer Yat (Ling Man-lung) confesses to the audience in the final speech. But how reliable can he be as a narrator of his own life? We spend an hour and a half listening to the older Yat describe his life in painstaking detail, while he winces at his younger self (Poon Tai-ming), and tries to stop him making the mistakes he regrets. This double revelation suggests a figure pre-occupied with self-mythologising, as a coping mechanism for mounting self-hatred over his inability to actually write.

Louis Ho’s novel, Me and You and a Dog Named Boo, has been adapted for the stage by director Alex Tam, through a devised process in collaboration with guitarist and singer Jing Wong and an acting ensemble of five. Melancholy permeates every spoken line and every musical phrase.

Despite being the main character, Yat sees himself as a passive, worthless individual, to whom life merely happens. He has no discernable job, and spends his days flâneuring in second-hand bookshops and bumping into fascinating people. His remarkable education and obsession with reading – his father is, according to him, a hack writer who achieved middling success – now only serves to provide pithy opening quotes to new notebooks he never completes, something to which this new title makes reference. Enigmatic characters including his best friend Wing (Chiu Lo-yin) and lover (Wong Suet-ip) drop in and out of his life. Yat is just an observer.

The choice to adapt this for the stage rather than the screen is clear: the older narrator guiding his misguided younger self; the cross-gender casting; presenting Yat’s fantasy novel-in-progress as cheesy video game dialogue; these highly theatrical devices help to cast further light on this introspective story. Recommended for all navel-gazers.

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明晚繼續《湖水藍》~ ===================================== 【門票現已於城市售票網公開發售】 浪人劇場 X 凌文龍 X 黃靖 浪人紅白藍三部曲第一部《湖水藍》 改編自米哈《我與你與一隻狗叫布》 粵語演出 附中英文字幕 How I love being a free man. 本事 「科學家說,人類以眼淚加強彼此聯繫,使我們團結起來,從而得到最大的生存可能。」 阿一不想變成自己討厭的人。 於是出走, 一次旅程中, 尋回2003年18歲的自己, 尋回與阿榮的友誼, 尋回和阿丁的愛情, 尋回當時剛逝世不久的父親。 卻始終尋不回自己的家。 「他」與「你」一直看著阿一這一趟回家的旅程。 Tomorrow never knows, but Tears never lie. 作家陳慧說:「米哈的小說,正有一種日常生活中察覺不安定的敏銳,……有些輕,而且緩慢,主題並不見得繁複,你大可以裝作沒看見,但忽然之間,有些甚麼發生了,而你感覺到震動。」 浪人劇場擅將文學以意象劇場方式改編,是次與獨立音樂人黃靖合作,在米哈小說裡尋找靈感,以敍事音樂劇場方式呈現,並由獲香港電影金像獎最佳新人獎凌文龍主演,劇場音樂文學在革命時代的縫隙中找尋新的路。 主辦、創作及製作:浪人劇場 創意伙伴:香港藝術中心 導演、文本及舞台美學:譚孔文 原著:米哈 音樂及表演者:黃靖、黃雪燁 主演:凌文龍 表演者:潘泰銘、趙鷺燕、毛曄穎 17, 18, 21.10.2019 8pm 20.10.2019 3pm 香港藝術中心壽臣劇院 $350, $250 1⃣門票現已於城市售票網公開發售 網上購票: 信用卡電話購票:2111 5999 全日制學生、60歲或以上的高齡人士、殘疾人士及看護人、綜合社會保障援助受惠人 (優惠價:$180, 數量有限) 2⃣城市售票網團體優惠:(優惠價只適用於$350票區) 每次購買4-9張正價門票 (九折優惠) 每次購買10-19張正價門票 (八五折優惠) 每次購買20張或以上正價門票 (八折優惠)

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Booking online 17 – 21 October 2019.

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