AHIR SHAH: DOTS | Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Ahir Shah’s head and heart are both on CAPSLOCK. Professing himself with hundred-mile-an-hour gusto punctuated by super sharp intakes of breath, it is a wonder that his audience not only keep up but remain incredibly relaxed as they laugh along.

Perhaps they are relaxed because Shah’s voice is so very English, or rather, his accent is English, while his voice is an inextricable mix of English and Pakistani, hence he is able to ridicule himself at the same time as his audience, and they almost don’t notice how much they’re learning.

This is social progression gold, focussing on race, immigration and class but like all the best work, it is golden because it is rooted in the love and struggles of Shah as an individual.

To the relief of many, there are also quiet moments, and flashes of poetry so brief you would miss them if they weren’t as brilliant as they are. Perhaps the most genius thing about this hour is that Shah nourishes you with his parents’ true love story, while being sad and single enough himself (his words) so as to spare the audience too much jealousy of his talent and success. He will no doubt be asked out many times this month.

Playing 1:45pm at Monkey Barrel Comedy until 25 August 2019.

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