ACT | TERMINAL 3 | London, The Print Room

This startling double-bill from renowned Swedish playwright Lars Norén, directed by Anthony Neilson (The Wonderful World Of Dissocia), is unrelentingly bleak, offering audiences two disturbing hours in an old warehouse.

Act (2000) features an exhausted torture victim in a hospital gown (Temi Wilkey) desperately trying to recall memories for a sinister physician (Barnaby Power), who also seems to have lost all memories. As the interrogation continues, there appear certain indications that the two nameless characters were once married: nothing is resolved.

Terminal 3 (2006) follows two couples in the same building: one waiting to identify the body of their deceased son (Barnaby Power, Hannah Young); the other waiting for the birth of their new son (Robert Stocks, Temi Wilkey). One wall separates them, a gigantic blue gauze; as time passes, the wall spins around amid blackouts and whirling lights.

The Print Room opened in 2010, and looks less like an old warehouse than an abandoned theatre, cavernous and Victorian. Neilson makes full use of the space, highlighting its vastness and decrepitude to make sense of the plays’ chilling locations. Bleak and disturbing, and beautifully performed.

Until 30 June 2018.

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