Good Friday’s performance of Bach’s “Great Passion” was a rare opportunity to experience the 3-hour epic as the composer intended.

Using authentic period instruments, the AAM put on a performance unlike any other modern orchestra and the result was exceptional: transporting the audience across time to the golden age of Baroque music.

The talented ensemble (led by Richard Egarr) faithfully adhered to original markings, without modern frills or bias and with exceptional expressive control. The performance demonstrated a masterful blend of textures, which simultaneously sounded cohesive, but also highlighted each individual intricacy of Bach’s polyphony in wonderful detail.

Especially striking was the vibrancy of the vocalists’ performances (including James Gilchrist, Matthew Rose, Elizabeth Watts and Sarah Connolly) with an engaging visual display to accompany their pitch-perfect delivery.

You can purchase a copy of the AAM’s brand new recording of the St Matthew Passion from their website.

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