You can tell this is a proper concert hall; as the members of A Winged Victory For The Sullen walk onstage, there is quiet.

No clapping, only the sound of five-hundred people shuffling in their seats. The hall is Milton Court, and this is to be the AWVFTS’s second of two sold-out shows there, to coincide with the release of their latest album, Atomos.

If the silence feels awkward at first, when the music begins with soft, breathy swirls of synth it suddenly becomes appropriate. Atomos is a slow and drifting work — a combination of classical and electronic ambience and minimalism. Simple yet beautiful progressions of piano and strings constantly swell and wind upwards, reaching for the stars with an aching melancholy, while icy electronic textures and sub-bass pulses wash in and out, holding the flow. At times reminiscent of Philip Glass — also Low, and Boards Of Canada — the album is reproduced in it’s entirety, non-stop, tracks drifting into one another. My head starts to nod. This feel like a paean to the universe, searching and sad. As the lights dim and the final sonic trails subside, I can feel the silence return to the space, but now it is considerably more relaxed.

You can catch the show again on Boiler Room TV here. AWVFTS are back in London for the final show of their European tour on 6 February 2015 at Kings Place.

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