A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE | London, Wyndham’s Theatre

Something extraordinary is happening in a small white square of stage in central London.

A production of Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge shaped by visionary Ivo van Hove is toying with audiences — a few hundred at a time — effortlessly tugging at their understanding of life’s fabric.

Miller’s play about family, desire, envy, hatred, loyalty and justice is both comely and raw. Despite the ominous opening strains of Faure’s Requiem, there is a disarming comfort in the family unit of swarthy but benevolent Eddie (Mark Strong), his stoic wife Beatrice (Nicola Walker) and their much-loved niece Catherine (Phoebe Fox). The sense of foreboding that arrives with newly smuggled immigrants Marco (Emun Elliott) and Rodolpho (Luke Norris) is gradual and subtly masked by the normal goings-on of a crowded household.

Then it all turns on a kiss. A kiss that is shocking and brilliant — heralding menace and the depths of darkness. As the cast smash into one another in the closing scene, blood rains from the rafters. The once white square of stage is drowned in scarlet and a truly exceptional cast sink to their knees.

This is a piece of performance that is at once soft, stunning and utterly enthralling.

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