Directions to Jo de Rosa’s Quantum Sobriety Inner Guidance retreat in Suffolk needed no instruction to the taxi driver. ‘Everyone knows it,’ he laughed. ‘People come away with smiles on their faces!’ As we curved along country lanes skimming the edges of fields, he confided, ‘I haven’t drunk for 14 years. For the first year I avoided certain people and places because England has a drinking culture – you just can’t get away from it.’ He was right. A year sober and my life’s changed dramatically. People, places and things – old props and crutches – gone. In their place an unhealthy attachment to sugary fruit pastilles. Followed by uncomfortable questions. Who exactly was I under the numbing effects of booze that I’d relied on in good times and bad for more than 30 years? 

The warm smile on Jo’s face when she opened the door of the 16th century Grade II listed Tudor retreat near Lavenham was enough for me to know I was in the right place. Petite with long blonde hair, she ushered me in to the centre she started four years ago with her husband Dom, that offers coaching, workshops and retreats through the Quantum Sobriety programme. Like me, hundreds have walked through her door wanting to leave behind their current reality and choose a new and better one. 

‘Over the years I’ve been addicted to many different things, desperately craving the very thing that was destroying me. I overcame all my addictions to find freedom in my sobriety. Quantum Sobriety is not just about the removal of drugs and alcohol, it’s about removing all destructive behaviours and coming into alignment with your personal truth,’ she said.

The way to re-find yourself after a circuitous thirty year plus detour is through clean home-made vegan food to lighten your load, yoga and daily meditation to listen to your inner guru. So for the next four days I did just that as well as a cacao ceremony to open my heart chakra and an ancient sound healing meditation called a gong bath with Dom, that I swear catapulted me into the stratosphere where I hit the outer edges of a new galaxy. On my final day I went for a walk through a labyrinth designed by Dom – an ancient symbol representing a journey back to your centre and out into the world again.

By the time I got in my taxi to make my way home I had more than a big smile on my face. I felt a clarity that had eluded me for a long time and an itching in my fingers to finish writing my first children’s book. And not only did I find the doorway to move through to a new and better reality, I haven’t wanted a fruit pastille since…!

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